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We suggest you an alternative way to discover the city, our Tapas Tour Valencia. We will visit small corners of the city, stopping at several bars so you can taste some tapas.

Going for tapas is part of the Spanish character and culture, so we think this is a good idea to get to know the city in a much more relaxed and informal way.

During our route, you will see the most important monuments and also enjoy some delicious tapas.

We need you to book in advance, tell us the number of people in your group (minimum 5 people for the tour), and give us as much information as possible, for example: date of the visit, language, approximate duration you want the tour to be. Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Come for tapas with Yellow Tours in Valencia!


What is Yellow Free Tours Valencia.

The concept of Free Tour was born in Berlin in 2004. It was a new approach for all those who wanted to visit a city without a set price. That’s why Free Tours adapt to all budgets. You will be the one to decide the price after the visit. Reliable and without obligations.

Contact us

Call or email us if you have any questions. If you send us an email, we recommend that you provide as much information as possible about your group.
+34 600 61 79 78