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Yellow Free Tour in Valencia is formed by a team oflicensed Official Guides that will help you discover the city in a comfortable and simple way.
Besides being officially licensed, all our guides meet the requirements of the Tourism Law, and are trained in art, history and tourism. We have a clear vocation for tourism. We like what we do and enjoy our work.
Free Tour does not mean poor quality. We are focused on a different type of client who can adapt to the schedules of our Free Tour, who has not organized their trip in advance and who thinks this is a quick and comfortable way to get to know the city and doesn’t mind sharing their free guided tour with other people.

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Why choose us?

  • Because it will be a comfortable, easy and simple way to discover Valencia, and it’s FREE.
  • Because beyond discovering its history, our guides will give you recommendations on what to do during the rest of your stay.
  • Because we are sure you will love and enjoy it.
  • Because you will find out much more about the city, we will take care about it! Don’t miss the opportunity.
  • Because you can even meet new people and make friends during our Free Tour.
  • Because booking is simple.
  • Because you set the price. At the end of the Free Tour you decide the amount.


How can I book a FREE TOUR?

Have you made up your mind? We’re sure you won’t regret it! Now book with us:

  1. Book your tour onlineaquí tu tour online If you have any questions or cannot find what you need you can contact us here.
  2. Go to the meeting point at the agreed time (it’s much better if you arrive 10 minutes early). If you are not at the meeting point at the start of the tour, we will understand that you changed your mind and will not be joining us.
  3. Enjoy and discover the city.
  4. Decide the price of your tour. With no obligation, decide the value of your FREE TOUR in Valencia and let the guide know what your experience was like.
  5. Don’t forget to rate us in social networks! You will help others enjoy the same experience as you.






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